3 Must-have Transition Coats for this Spring


When new seasons arrive, I kind of freak out and suddenly forget how to dress. This past winter, Waterloo got hit with -20 degree weather in November and I actually thought it was appropriate for me to wear Uggs. Now, spring is around the corner (although it’s taking an awfully long time to get here… I still had to wear my parka last week), and this time, the shock of suddenly slightly warmer weather won’t get in the way of dripping in finesse.

Transition coats are key- yes, you can wear your Canada Goose, you could also probably wear just a sweater, too. If being a university student has taught me anything, it’s that just because you can get away with something, doesn’t mean that you should (technically, I can get away without going to any lectures except for the ones before midterms, but my marks say otherwise). This is why a higher power and designers in moderate climates created transition coats. They’re enough to keep you warm, but not boiling. These are some of my favorites for battling the chilly, dewy mornings, and sunny, calm afternoons.

1. Statement Coloured Wool Coat



I could choose between my two favorite wool coats, so I went with both to demonstrate how great statement colours are. One the one hand, a bright, solid colour like pink turns a bland outfit into one that’s playful yet professional. If bright colours aren’t your thing, I’d suggest eggshell or a marbled colour (but not black, it’s spring!!).

The pink wool trench coat has been a great addition to my wardrobe, especially since I started working in an office setting. I think that everyone needs a good, “business” coat, and while wool jackets have been all the rage, a lot of them have a more casual look with slouched shoulders. My favorite features on this jacket make it very flattering on anyone- the single lapel and structured shoulders create straight hard lines that draw the eye downwards and has a slimming effect, as does the cute little tie-waist.

The black and white knit wool has been a part of my closet since first year (literally 2015!!!!). I got it on sale at H&M for $20 on Black Friday and I wore it once that year, and didn’t touch it again until this year. Everytime I’d go to clean out my closet, I’d consider throwing it out, but figured there might be some use for it at one point. This is a good jacket for those who shy away from form-fitting ones, and is really great for layering. The marbled design makes a statement without being too loud, and it clasps up with two buttons in the front. Shorter wool coats like this are cute because you can wear them undone without feeling like you’re walking around in a cape.

2. Denim Jacket


I unfortunately don’t have more photos of me styling this denim jacket differently (they were mysteriously deleted or maybe they just never existed and I’m crazy??) but there was a time when, on any given day, I could be seen wearing this jacket with a turtle neck of varying colors.

Denim is a beautiful, beautiful thing, and I’m so glad that it’s made a comeback. For those who prefer to dress more on the casual side- nothing layers better than an oversized, distressed jean jacket. I really like the pop of color that denim brings to outfits (did someone say colour blocking?) and they’re super comfortable. A “classic” casual look of mine is a cropped-hoodie paired with high waisted leggings and my denim jacket. It’s also a good way for me to save my pride when my mom tells me I’d be too cold to just survive in a hoodie. Also, can you tell that I like white shoes?

3. The Coatigan


A hybrid between a cardigan and, you guessed it, a coat due to it’s heavier duty knit and long length, the coatigan is every short girls dream come true. How does this make me look so long?! Am I really only 5’3 because I LOOK LIKE IM 6’1??

Rocking a coatigan is easy and very spring weather friendly. You can wear it open, or have a more form-fitted look by pairing it with a waist belt. The coatigan I’m wearing comes with a pleather waist belt (which I’m playing around with because belts are hard). For an every day, more formal look, muted colours and neutrals work really well. Patterned coatigans and bright colours are also very cute if that’s what you’re about.

I hope that I’ve inspired you guys to finally put away the goose-down parkas and invest in a few pieces that’ll make your life a bit warmer (or cooler!!).